Fieldwork Security and Procedure

As fieldwork involves various types of risks, security and accident prevention measures must be carefully taken. At the University of Tokyo, prior filing and security management during fieldwork activity must be made based on Safety Management Code of the Fieldwork at the University of Tokyo. Refer to Safety Management and Accident Prevention Guideline at Fieldwork (Fourth Edition) for further details of the fieldwork safety.

Refer to Fieldwork Security and Procedure (Faculty) (UT Internal) for faculty.

Fieldwork Security and Procedure (Student, PD, Researcher)

Definition of “Field” or “Outdoor”

“Field” or “Outdoor” (for those prior filing must be made) is defined as follows.

Outside of the University of Tokyo campus
  ⇒ Sites possessed by the University of Tokyo such as research forest, practice room and observatory are not included.
 * Research activities in tribes or cities are included in “field”.

Outside of External Research Institutions (other universities and laboratories)
  ⇒ Locations controlled by other insitutes such as the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan are not included.

Safety Management Plan

Before field trip, the leading faculty member of the activity must create and submit Management Plan for Safety and Health during Education Research Activities in the Field. This procedure is necessary for a case where students or researhers go on a fieldtrip without faculty.

Overseas Fieldwork

EPS student and researcher must submit to the School of Science Office Application for Overseas Travel for Academic Research (Graduate Students) / Notice of Overseas Travel for Academic Research (Undergraduate Students) before departure, and Notice of Return (Graduate Student) / Notice of Return (Undergraduate Student) to School of Science Office. Request fieldwork participants to submit these applications for the overseas fieldwork of classroom or laboratory activities. Refer to “Overseas Travel Procedure” for details (different for undergraduates and graduates).

Emergency Contact

Report “when”, “where”, “who”, and “how (situation)” based on Emergency Contact. The student’s supervisor and the head of EPS Department will make communications to concerned parties based on “Emergency Contact List (UT Internal)“.


While all students and PD have Personal Accident Insurance for Student Pursuing Education and Research (Gakkensai) and researchers have Worker’s Accident Compensation Insurance, purchase appropriate insurance depending on the purpose and the level of risk of research activities. Refer to “Insurance” for details.

Head of Earth and Planetary Science Department: Eiichi Tajika
Head of Earth and Planetary Physics (EPP): Tsuyoshi Ide
Head of Earth and Planetary Environmental Science (EPES): Eiichi Tajika
Head of Departmental Academic Affairs: Simon Wallis
Head of Academic Affairs of EPP and EPES: Seiji Sugita
Security Management Manager (also in charge of fieldwork safety): Akihiro Kano

[Updated on April 1, 2021]