Press Conference Announcement on the Analysis of Asteroid Ryugu

Press Release
Yoshio Takahashi (Professor, Earth and Planetary Science)


Sample return mission of Hayabusa 2 has a scientific goal to understand “where we came from.” In order to analyze the origin and evolution of the solar system and original source material of the ocean and life of the Earth, initial analysis teams consist of 6 groups with different approaches.

Online press conference and lab tour is scheduled on Friday, June 25, 2021.

小惑星リュウグウ試料分析開始にあたりオンライン記者会見・見学会のお知らせ -フォトンファクトリーおよびミュオン科学実験施設での初期分析-
Figure: Tomoki Nakamura at PF BL-3A, Tohoku University

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