Response to the COVID-19

After May 8, 2023, the University will no longer collect information on infected persons and potentially infected members of the Science faculty.
However, if five or more students, faculty, or staff members become infected within the same activity unit at the same time, they are required to report the situation using the dedicated form.

Current Activity Restriction Level【S】[Last updated:May 8, 2023]


Wearing masks

Wearing a mask is based on respecting the subjective choice of individuals and entrusting it to individual judgment. However, please respond appropriately in the following cases.

  • When the instructor in charge of the class determines that it is necessary to wear mask due to the style or method of the class, or not wearing one when the instructor in charge of the class determines that masks interfere with the operation of the class.
  • The following situations where wearing a mask is effective in the “Review of the concept of wearing a mask” decided by the government on February 10.
    • When visiting medical institutions or facilities for the elderly, etc.
    • When travelling on crowded trains or buses, such as during rush hours.
    • When a person with a high risk of becoming seriously ill goes to a crowded place during a period when infection is spreading, etc.

If you become infected with the coronavirus infection

If a group of students, faculty or staff are affected at the same time and within the same activity unit, which is the conventional guideline of an outbreak (5 or more affected people in the same activity unit at the same time), and an incident occurs that is considered to have a significant impact on the education, research or administrative activities, please inform us the detail through this form.

For students

PIC:Student Affairs, School of Science
Address for submission:kyoumu.s[at]

*Please include “ corona_eps[at] ” in the cc field when submitting.
*Graduate students should also report separately to their academic advisor.

If you have any problems with class attendance, etc., please contact the instructor in charge and ask for instructions.

For faculty and staff(Core Groups)

PIC:Department of Earth and Planetary Science Office
Address for submission:keiri-eps.s[at]

*If you are a faculty member of a affiliated groups/cooperating groups who will experience any difficulties with admissions or teaching, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

Application for holding events (including visitor support)

The guidelines for the prevention of novel coronavirus infection at the time of the event shall not apply once activity restriction level is reduced to “S.”
Although there are no restrictions on holding social gatherings or other events that involve eating or drinking, please be fully aware that the risk of infection increases in such situations. Additionally, if you feel unwell, please refrain from participating.

Guideline for the Infection Prevention of COVID-19 When Holding an Event” (decided by the UTokyo Coronavirus Task Force on May 19, 2022)
*Prior application by “Event Notification” has been abolished.

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