Response to the COVID-19

If you or a member of your group is infected with the novel coronavirus or is suspected of being a close contact, please follow the procedures below to report it.
If you are unsure whether you fall under the definition of a “close contact,” please ask the person in charge for instructions, assuming that the possibility has arisen.

<Definition of “close contact”>(As of July 25, 2022)
  • You are or were living with the patient (confirmed case) or have been in long term contact (including being in a car, in an aircraft,(including being in a car, in an aircraft, etc.).
  • Persons who have been examining, nursing or caring for a patient (confirmed case) without appropriate infection protection.
  • Persons who are likely to have come into direct contact with contaminants such as airway secretions or body fluids of the patient(confirmed case).
  • Persons who have been in contact with the patient (confirmed case) for 15 minutes or more at a distance that can be touched by hand (1 meter as a guide) without the necessary infection prevention measures. (Comprehensively judge the infectiv ity of the patient from each individual situation.)

If you get infected with the novel coronavirus
If you are a close contact or suspected of being a close contact

Please fill out the form and submit it to the person in charge below.
Form Download:「Interview slip v8(Excel)

For students

PIC:Student Affairs, School of Science
Address for submission:kyoumu.s[at]

*Please include “ corona_eps[at] ” in the cc field when submitting.
*Graduate students should also report separately to their academic advisor.

If you have any problems with class attendance, etc., please contact the instructor in charge and ask for instructions.

For faculty and staff(Core Groups)

PIC:Department of Earth and Planetary Science Office
Address for submission:keiri-eps.s[at]

*If you are a faculty member of a affiliated groups/cooperating groups who will experience any difficulties with admissions or teaching, please contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

Staying at home and going to school or work for close contact

Handling of a close contact(As of July 25, 2022)

  1. You basically will have to remain 5 days at home, etc., with the day of the last contact with the infected person as day zero (0).
  2. If a negative result is confirmed on the 2nd and 3rd days from tests at a medical institution or a test using an antigen qualitative test kit, you may return to school or work from the 3rd day but only limited to cases where there is an unavoidable work or educational reasons once you have reported to the contact point of the department to which you belong.
  3. However, in either cases, you should continue to check your health condition by measuring the temperature, and take measures against infection by avoiding high risk places, eating meals in large groups, etc. , wearing a mask, etc., until 7 days have.

Although the above is the handling, we recommend that you basically wait at home or elsewhere for at least 5 days, or if you are on the safe side, for 7 days to avoid causing further infection.
Shortening the waiting period should be considered only when it is truly necessary for research, study, or employment, and should be decided after careful consideration with the person in charge.

Permission to attend school or work due to shortened waiting period (before 7 days have elapsed) [prior application]

If you wish to come to school or go to work after a shortened waiting period, please obtain prior permission from the teacher in charge or other appropriate person.

<Application for permission>
Graduate School Students:Academic advisor
Faculty and Staff:Employer

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