Earth and planetary science seminar for undergraduates

When: Friday, lunch time 12:15-12:45


Where: Rm. 710, Science Building 1


Language: Japanese


Mainly intended for: Undergraduate students. Students of other departments and faculties as well as graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, faculty and administrative members are also welcomed.


Aim: Broadening knowledge, taking a peep at research conducted in the graduate school, etc.


Other information: Brown bag style (food and drink allowed both for the speaker and audience), no mandatory attendance. This is not an official course (no credit given).


Scheduled speakers for the spring term, 2013:


4/19 Takashi Mikouchi (Space and Planetary Science Group)

4/26 Hajime Kawahara (Earth and Planetary System Group)

5/10 Asuka Yamaguchi (Atmosphere amd Ocean Research Institute)

5/24 No seminar scheduled

5/31 Ryoji Matsumoto (Space and Planetary Science Group, Chiba University)

6/7 Kaoru Sato (Atmospheric and Oceanic Science Group)

6/14 Satoru Honda (Earthquake Research Institute)

6/21 Toshifumi Shimizu (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

6/28 Yuko Nagahara (Earth and Planetary System Group)

7/5 Kazuhito Ozawa (Solid Earth Science Group)

7/12 Yohei Suzuki (Geosphere and Biosphere Science Group)

7/19 Hiroyuki Kagi (Geochemical Research Center)