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Faculty Position (Assistant Professor) in Ocean Dynamics (Deadline Oct 30 2020) (Link).



Press release by Kaoru Sato (professor), Masashi Kohma (assistant professor), and among others: Spectral Observation Theory and Beam De-Broadening Algorithm for Atmospheric Radar (release in Japanese).


Press release by Taiga Okumura (graduate student), Toshihiro Kogure (professor), and among others: Distinction between Radiocesium (RCs)-bearing Microparticles and RCs-sorbing Minerals Derived from the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Using Acid Treatment (release in Japanese).


Press release by Eri Tatsumi (visiting researcher), Tomokatsu Morota (associate professor), Seiji Sugita (professor), and among others: Collisional history of Ryugu’s parent body from bright surface boulders (release in Japanese).


Press release by Akihiko Fukui (assistant professor) and among others: A Giant Planet Candidate Transiting a White Dwarf (release in Japanese).


Press release by Tsuyoshi Iizuka (associate professor) and among others: Evidence for early asteroidal collisions prior to 4.15 Ga from basaltic eucrite phosphate U–Pb chronology (release in Japanese).


Press release by Tomokatsu Morota (associate professor) and among others: Asteroid shower on the Earth-Moon system immediately before the Cryogenian period revealed by KAGUYA (release in Japanese).


Press release by Hikaru Miura (graduate student), Takaaki Itai (associate professor), Yoshio Takahashi (professor), and among others: Characterization of two types of cesium-bearing microparticles emitted from the Fukushima accident via multiple synchrotron radiation analyses (release in Japanese).


Press release by Hiroyuki Kagi (professor), Ko Fukuyama (graduate student) and among others: High nitrogen solubility in stishovite under lower mantle (release in Japanese).


Press release by Kazuhisa Goto (professor) and among others: Probing the hydrothermal system of the Chicxulub Impact Crater (release in Japanese).


Press release by Keisuke Nishida (assistant professor), Nobumasa Funamori (professor), Kei Hirose (professor) and among others: Effect of sulfur on sound velocity of liquid iron under Martian core conditions (release in Japanese).


Press release by Shogo Tachibana (professor) and among others: Precometary organic matter: A hidden reservoir of water inside the snow line (release in Japanese).


Press release by Tomokatsu Morota (associate professor), Seiji Sugita (professor), Yuichiro Cho (assitant professor) and among others: Sample collection from asteroid 162173 Ryugu by Hayabusa2: implications for surface evolution (release in Japanese).


Press release by Kei Hirose (professor), Yasuhiro Kuwayama (assistant professor) and among others: Equation of State of Liquid Iron under Extreme Conditions (release in Japanese).


A paper by Ryoya Sakata (graduate student), Kanako Seki (professor), and others is picked up by Editor for a Research Spotlight in EOS published by the American Geophysical Union (outside link).


Congratulations! Satoshi Kasahara (associate professor) received the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, The Young Scientists’ Prize from MEXT (release in Japanese).


Congratulations! Toshiyuki Hibiya (professor) received the Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology from MEXT (outside link).


Press release by Yohey Suzuki (associate professor) and among others: An artificial impact on deep microbial proliferation at the basalt interface in 33.5–104 million-year-old oceanic crust (release in Japanese).


Press release by Seiji Sugita (professor), Shogo Tachibana (professor), Tomokatsu Morota (associate professsor), Yuichiro Cho (assistant professor), Eri Tatsumi (postdoctoral researcher) and among others: An artificial impact on the asteroid 162173 Ryugu formed a crater in the gravity-dominated regime (release in Japanese).


Press release by Takanobu Amano (associate professor) and among others: resolving the seed particle production mechanism for acceleration of cosmic-ray electrons (release in Japanese).


Press release by Nobuhiro Moteki (assistant professor): automatic measurement technique for complex refractive index and size distribution of submicron particles (release in Japanese).


Press release by Yohey Suzuki (associate professor), and Yuri Sueoka (graduate student) among others: deep microbial colonization in saponite-bearing fractures in aged basaltic crust and implications for subsurface life on Mars (release in Japanese).


Press release by Kaoru Sato (professor), among others: mechanism of auroral electron precipitation onto the atomosphere (release in Japanese).


Press release by Kaoru Sato (professor), among others: first incoherent scatter measurement by PANSY rader at antarctic (release in Japanese).


Press release by Toshihiro Kogure (professor), Taiga Okumura (postdoctoral researcher) among others: research on radioactive substances released from the Fukushima nuclear planet has been posted on Nanotech Japan Bulletin.


Press release by Akihiko Fukui (assistant professor), among others: observation of closest exoplanet discovered by an amature astronomer (release in Japanese).


Press release by Kiichi Fukuya (graduate student), Takeshi Imamura (professor) and among others: visualization of global cloud motion on Venus using Akatsuki sattelite observation (release in Japanese).



Press release by Yohey Suzuki (associate professor) and among others: the making of natural iron sulfide nanoparticles in a hot vent snail (release in Japanese).


Press release by Kenji Kawai (associate professor), Robert J. Geller (professor emeritus) and among others: 3-D S-velocity structure of the mantle transition zone beneath Central America and the Gulf of Mexico inferred using waveform inversion (release in Japanese).


Press release by Satoshi Ide (professor) and among others: slow earthquake spectrum in the Japan Trench (release in Japanese).


Press release by Seiya Yamashita (graduate student) and Yohei Suzuki (associate professor) among others: iron-rich smectite formation in subseafloor basaltic lava in aged oceanic crust (release in Japanese).


Press release by Kanako Seki (professor) and Kunihiro Keika (assistant professor) among others: discovery of dependence of atmospheric loss on characteristics of magnetic storms  (release in Japanese).


Congratulations! Toshihiro Kogure (professor) receives the George Brown Lecture Award 2019 from the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland (outside link).


Congratulations! Yohey Suzuki (associate professor) and Tomoki Tozuka (associate professor) receive Nishida prize from the Japan Geoscience Union (outside link).


Press release by Shogo Tachibana (professor) among others: discovery of AlO in a high mass protostar candidate (release in Japanese).


Press release by Yoshio Takahashi (professor) and Chihiro Miyamoto (graduate student) among others: reconstruction of past climate variability from ice wedges (release in Japanese).


Press release on paper by Yoshio Takahashi (professor) and Hiroki Suga (postdoctoral researcher) among others: discovery of a huge amount of "micro manganese particles" in marine sediment(release in Japanese)


A paper by Takeshi Imamura (professor) and Mayu Miyamoto (former graduate student) among others is picked up for a Research Spotlight in EOS published by the American Geophysical Union (outside link)


Congratulations! Satoshi Kasahara (associate professor) receives the 2018 Space Sciences Encouragement Award from the Society for Promotion of Space and Science (outside link in Japanese)


Congratulations! Munehito Shoda (graduate student) receives the Young Researcher Presentation Prize from the Theoretical Astronomy and Astrophysics Discussion Group (outside link in Japanse)


Press release on paper by Kenji Kawai (associate professor) among others: What is the origin of macroscopic friction? (release in Japanese)


Congratulations! Takanobu Amano (associate professor) receives the AAPP-DPP Young Researcher Award from the Division of Plasma Physics, Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies  (outside link)


Congratulations! Yikang Wang (Ph.D. student) receives the AAPP-DPP Poster Prize from the Division of Plasma Physics, Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies  (outside link)


Congratulations! Daiba Kato, Munehito Shoda and Masanori Iwamoto (graduate students) receive the Student Presentation Award (Aurora Medal) from the Society of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences  (outside link)


Press release on paper by Hiroto Kajita (Ph.D. student) and Hodaka Kawahata (adjunct sprofessor) among others: rapid cold episodes annihilated the earliest rice cultivating civilizaton (release in Japanese)


Congratulations! Masahiko Sato (assistant prof.) and Naritoshi Kitamura (project researcher) receive Obayashi Early Career Scientist Award from the Society of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences  (outside link)


Congratulations! Yuki Hibiya (Ph.D. candidate) receive the youg student poster presentation prize at the 3rd Korea-Japan Joint Workshop on Isotope-Ratio Mass Spectrometry  (outside link)