Interview of Kaoru Sato (Professor) is posted on UTOKYO VOICES (link in Japanese)


Press release on paper published in the journal Nature led by Satoshi Kasahara (associate professor):Pulsating aurora from electron scattering by chorus waves (release in Japanese/abstract in the journal HP, outside link


Yuto Sasaki (doctoral student) and Chisa Iwasaki (master's student) receive Outstanding Student Paper Award at the 2017 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (outside link in AGU home page


Press release on paper by Chihiro Miyamoto (doctoral student) among others:60 year record of atmospheric aerosol depositions in a dome ice core in Southeast Greenland (release in Japanese


Press release on paper by Eiichi Tajika (Professor) among others:Effects of primitive photosynthesis on Earth’s early climate system (release in Japanese


Press release on paper by Robert Geller (Professor Emeritus), Kenji Kawai (Associate Professor) and Anselme Borgeaud (doctoral student) among others:Imaging paleoslabs in the D″ layer beneath Central America and the Caribbean using seismic waveform inversion (release in Japanese